Our Mission:

To create honest, inspired beers for the craft beer fanatic. 

Our Beers:

We love Saisons, IPAs, and just about every style of beer.  We plan to brew 3 year-round flagships: an IPA, a Saison, and a Porter, and supplement them with seasonal and limited release batches throughout the year.  We have a Sabco Brew-Magic pilot system that will allow us to continue to experiment with small batches.  We will serve these in our taproom so that we can get feedback on what makes it to our large system.


We will use the highest quality ingredients that we can find, and we will support our community's farmers by using local ingredients when available.  We are very interested in developing partnerships with local farmers in the hopes of expanding the availability of locally grown brewing ingredients.  Please contact us if interested.    


Born and raised in Chesterfield, MO, we (Andy and Rob) began home brewing together a little over 13 years ago using 5 gallons pots on an electric stove burner.  Charlie Papazian's "The Joy of Home Brewing" was our guidebook as we began our journey with malt extract batches, and quickly decided that we needed to hobble equipment together to start all grain batches.  It took exactly one batch for us to fall in love with brewing, and pretty soon we were fantasizing over home brews about one day making a living at it. 

In 2009, we decided it was time to make a serious push to open a brewery.  We began to organize our ideas, and our business plan was born.  At the same time, we purchased a Sabco Brew Magic.  The Brew Magic allowed us to improve our batch repeatability, and to really start tinkering with our recipes in a more scientific way.  Through careers, kids, and other life events, we kept on home brewing, working on our business plan, and exploring funding options.  While Andy led the way on the business plan, property search,  and funding, Rob enrolled at Siebel Institute to gain professional education in brewing technology, followed by 6 weeks of advanced brewing courses at the Doemen's academy in Munich, Germany.

We finally pulled everything together at the end of 2015, selected our equipment vendor, completed funding, and closed on 17 acres of pasture and woods on the south side of the community of Labadie, MO, about 100 yards off Highway 100 (Historic Route 66).  We started construction on our building in January, 2015, and gained our brewing and retail sales licenses in September 2016. In September 2016, we began brewing our first batches on our newly installed 15bbl brew house, and opened our tap room to the public with 8 guest beers on our taps.  We served the first Point Labaddie beer, our Batch 1 Saison, at the end of October 2016.  We held our Grand Opening in early November with 3 Point Labaddie beers, and 5 guest beers on tap.  We continue to brew additional recipes and will fill all 8 taps as quickly as possible.

It's been a crazy ride so far, and we can't thank our customers enough for supporting us through the first couple of months of being open.  We've already met a lot of great people, and we've made a lot of great friends, and we look forward to many more years of brewing beer in beautiful Labadie, MO!   


Andy & Rob   


Founded by brothers Andy Grimm and Rob Grimm, Point Labaddie Brewery is an independent craft brewery located on 17 acres in Labadie, MO.