Our Brewery:

When we began the search for our brewing system, we know that we wanted an American-made, semi-automated, 15 BBL brewery, capable of producing high gravity beers, and sized for easy scaling of our operations for distribution.  After months of research, we decided to go with American Beer Equipment’s semi-automated, direct-fire, 15 BBL system, with a custom enlarged mash tun.  ABE's friendly and helpful staff worked closely with us to custom design the system to meet our specifications, and they proved to be a perfect fit for us.

ABE also provided four 15 BBL fermentation tanks, and one 15 BBL bright tank for our cellar.  Since we knew that we would have limited floor space and wanted to ensure that we would have plenty of room to add future tanks as needed, our fermentation and bright tanks were custom fabricated to stand taller and narrower than standard design. 

Our hot liquor tank (HLT) is a 30 BBL vessel. We use the HLT in the brewery for water profile adjustments, heating up to batch temperatures and any hot water needs, such as for cleaning our tanks and other equipment via CIP (clean-in-place) processes.

ABE also provided our malt mill, flexible grain auger, and grist case, along with their Keg Commander keg washer. 

After working with ABE and our excellent subcontractors, we were able to get everything up and running with minimal issues and are now proudly brewing on our new system.